What manner of egomaniac would create a website like this?

Jared Cameron

Ė† riding off into the sunset with neither dignity nor silence† Ė† thatís who!

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Jared Cameronís unique skills

Accepts discipline well

Smokes from a rich variety of orifices

Builds bridges between cultures

Stoops to conquer

All-around outdoorsman

Adapts to unforeseen situations

You are this siteís


(Now letís talk about that bridge I want to sell you!)

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Role model for youth

Stormageddon Times

The inside story of the perfect storm

that ended life as we know

it in

the Nationís Capital


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After a decade, Jaredís


column is

reincarnated as



all the news unfit to print


recent† low points:


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 Hot† Officer Chicks With Knives

 A Womanís (Museum) Work is Never Done

 Wal-Mart and Womenó Donít† Play it Again, Sam

 Tickle Parties

 Testy Navy† Captains

 We Wuz Robbed


Disturbing behavior

everyone talks

about the weather

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