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Jared Cameron

–  riding off into the sunset with neither dignity nor silence –  that’s who!

My niece moved to California


and became a


You can see her do what those people do…

At the Old Globe Theater in San Diego



Also known as

Heather Wood

Rave reviews and raving reviewers


sandiego.com on Romeo and Juliet

Welton Jones wrote:


“...only Heather Wood’s

Juliet truly sparkles. A tiny, delicious, plucky treasure, she makes

believable all the fuss over her precious person and launches herself

into her unexpected new life without hesitation.”

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trainwreckunion.com on Romeo and Juliet

Jack Morgan wrote:


“...there were diamonds in the rough. Fresh-faced Heather Wood was delightful and tragic. She navigated the emotions Juliet so well that she played the stage like a carousel horse, hitting every golden ring perfectly. Laughs and tears for her, indeed. Watch that one. Catch her blowing bubbles when she makes her first entrance.”


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The Boston Globe on Heather in Misalliance

Louise Kennedy wrote:


Heather Wood makes Hypatia a picture of frustrated energy, bursting

to escape the strictures of young-ladyhood.”


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